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Nice to Meet you. My name is Mark Covello the CEO of Do Yoga For Life, LLC and this is my Yoga assistant Kiki

Welcome to our website Do Yoga For Life

Before Diving into the World Of Health & Fitness

There are many styles of Yoga to consider.  Its important to find one that is good fit.

Hatha Yoga

A very popular form of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Learn how to move from one pose to the next with ease

Kundalini Yoga

We specialize in this very powerful form of Yoga that connects the mind and body

Intuitive Yoga

As it is described to help you connect with you intuition

Aroma Yoga

Using essential oils and Yoga poses in tandem makes for a powerful combination

Slow Yoga

Perfect for someone just starting out or advanced enough to use the art to move more deeply into the flow through poses and mental shift

Yoga Mark and his assistant Kiki prepare for class.


Mark Covello has been featured on many publications and television appearances for his work with children and families all over Fairfield county, Connecticut.  As a result his digital presence and social media presence have grown even more.  He continues to serve his community.









Benefits of Private Sessions of Yoga

  • Get personal attention so you are able to tell the Yoga teacher specifically what you want to open

  • We come to you so there is nowhere to drive because the Yoga teacher will come to your house – what a convenience

  • Quiet spaces are best because in your own space you can control the environment

all that being said, Mark has created an amazing Yoga retreat in his home. It should be experienced by someone that wants a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Mark can help you transform your space into an equally peaceful and tranquil environment fit for Yoga personalized for you!

Mark has and continues to live a very active lifestyle. He has been riding a bicycle for nearly thirty years. Before that he ran for 23 years. So he is no stranger to sports injuries. He can create a program for any sports person. The truth to be known any person has the same tightness of an athlete. it is just that the athlete is tighter in certain places. This extra tightness depends on your specific sport. 

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mark Covello, embodies an exemplary and genuine teacher. He seeks what is best for his students, creates a warm, friendly and comfortable environment to practice in, and always encourages his students to grow, find joy and be their best. Those of us that practice with him are very grateful for his encouragement, accessibility, and accommodation to work with us. Practicing yoga with Mark is always something to look forward! It is a great pleasure to be his student. Thank you for reminding me again! -- Lorena Martinez