Classes, Rates and F.A.Q’s


Yoga For Your Health

At Do Yoga For Life we focus on using Yoga to better peoples lives.  We noticed a change in many of our students.  Along with mind, body and spirit our specialty is emotional strength.  Yoga Mark has private classes that fits your schedule in the local Connecticut area.  He can come to your residence or you can come to his studio in Norwalk, CT. He also provides a ton of free material and paid courses on our website to get you started or increase your skills with some of our more advance online classes. Either way we are here to help. Check out our local prices and book a session today.

Private Party Coaching

Call for Custom Pricing

Or call now at 203-286-9541

Group and Or Private Coaching

$300 / Month

Private classes can be individual or small group, so you can get together with some friends or family and have your own practice. Mark specializes in personalizing yoga programs for families, especially children as young as two years old.

  • $80+tax/per 60 mins or $100+tax/per 75 mins (suggested time)
  • Rate applies to small group up to 4, $25+tax extra per person for 75 min class

Mark can travel from Fairfield to Greenwich for private sessions. Please call for additional availabilities for private classes.

or call now at 203-286-9541

Summer Offer

Join our summer course and get an additional 10% off the listed price. Just mention. DOYOGAFORLIFESUMMEROFFER

Yoga Marks Personal Schedule, Weekday Availability and Classes:

  • early morning, 8am
  • mid morning, 11am
  • early afternoon, 2pm
  • evenings expect Tues and Thursdays, after work

Weekend availability and classes:

  • early morning, 8am
  • late afternoon, 3 pm

Regular classes are held in Stamford and Norwalk.


Regular Class

  • $20+tax/60 mins
  • $15+tax/60 mins when you sign up for 8 classes (to be used within 10 weeks)

SAVE 25% when you sign up for 8 classes!

Private Class

  • $80+tax/per 60 mins or $100+tax/per 75 mins (suggested time)
  • Rate applies to small group up to 4, $25+tax extra per person for 75 min class

Mark can travel from Fairfield to Greenwich for private sessions. Please call for additional availabilities for private classes.


Is Yoga for me?

Misconceptions include that yoga is sitting and meditating. Sure it is, but its not only for that.  If you want it to be an awakening thing it can be.  But its deeper than that.  Yoga is for everybody, you just have to find the right mix for you.

Can I eat first before Yoga class?

What my students really want to know is: Is it okay to have a full stomach before Yoga.  Its up to the individual.  Some Yoga classes are tough like a gym workout and some are light.  Either way you need energy and a few calories wont hurt.  A healthy snacks like almond butter, fruits and vegetables are OK. Because you wont have that full feeling.

What do I wear to Yoga class?

We all know that Yoga clothing is ever more so popular.  But its up to you to wear something comfy, like gym clothes or active wear.  Just don’t show up with socks only, still wear your sneakers. lol  

Can I lose weight with Yoga practice? And do I have to be flexible to do this?

In short you do not have to be flexible to do Yoga.  The practice will eventually make you more flexible where the muscles meet the bone, giving you a more flexible feel.  As for weight lose Yoga is far more reaching that just losing weight.  It connects you with your body on  a deeper level.  This will result in you eating better and making better food decisions on its own.  And this can lead to weight lose.  Don’t do yoga for calorie burn only, do it to re-connect with your body. 

How many ties a week do I need to go to Yoga class before I see results and the benefits?

The idea here is to go as many times as possible.  I can do 7 days a week.  But if you start with just one day a week. Your body will ask for more and at that time you should do more Yoga.  There are so many poses and breathing techniques to master that you will never run out of time to learn something new. The most important thing is to just get started.

Are vegans in love with Yoga. I already work out whats the difference?

There is a moral issue with vegans and they love living healthy without animal slaughter. So it seems Yoga is a minimal type of exercise and fits their lifestyle. So I get it. But lets stay as healthy as we can without forcing other peoples lifestyle choices upon others.  And as for working out versus Yoga.  Yoga allows a more fruitful connection to the body that other workouts do not provide.  You have to try both to really see what I mean.

Yoga sounds like I need lots of information to get going. Do I need to know about Sanskrit? Im just scared to be the new person in class.

Many students go deeper in the world of Yoga by choice.  But you do not have to.  The basics alone will take you far.  Don’t fear going to a class because you are new and scared people will stare at you or laugh that you don’t know poses or techniques.  No one will stare at you, you might even make a friend.  We are all new to Yoga.  Join a class today and find out for yourself, even if its not here at Do Yoga For Life.

Dive in the World of Health & Fitness with Yoga Marks top classes

Hatha Yoga

A very popular form of Yoga that is great for starters and can prepare you for the more advance moves associated with movement Yoga. With over 100,000 moves and more, you will never get bored. Many students start here because this is what they seen other people do when they talk about Yoga. But its deeper than just one style.

Chair Yoga

Mark says this is for the busy mom or busy professional office person chance to practice Yoga and get you in touch with the true GIFT of Yoga, your breath. Chair Yoga is a relaxing and restful practice which lets you get in touch with your best tool for stressful times, your breath. The poses are gentle and allows you to really bring your focus to the breath.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a Yoga science that combines the energy of the glandular and nervous systems to bring you from your little self to your higher Self. Each class is designed to improve and enhance our bodies, our minds and our Spirit. It is a Yoga of experience and you will never forget and want to experience it over and over again! One of the most powerful forms of Yoga.

Combo Yoga

ComboYoga is a combination of your standard Hatha Yoga and the POWERFUL practice of Kundalini Yoga. This class is designed to get your inner energies flowing! Come join a heartfelt journey you will never forget! Its set up to give you two journeys in one.

Music Yoga

This practice is fun and interactive for the WHOLE family! There is music, singing and Yoga games all designed to teach Yoga in a fun way! Come with your inner child on board for a heartfelt journey you will never forget! In this class we encourage you to bring the kids.

Yoga Limbs

There are 8 limbs to Yoga and in this class YOga Mark teaches them all to you in a fun and exciting way and you get to practice all the different styles, to find the one that best fits you. We love this class because its in a teacher and student set up. The goal is for the student to have enough Yoga skills to practice and do yoga for life. [pun intended.]