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Presenting Do Yoga For Life's - Chair Yoga Video Course for Busy Professionals -

A practice to get you in touch with the true GIFT of Yoga, your breath.  Chair Yoga is a relaxing and restful practice which lets you get in touch with your best tool for stressful times, your breath.  The poses are gentle and allows you to really bring your focus to the breath... 


There are no shortcuts in life, but every little bit helps. This video ecourse is perfect for those busy professionals. Its also great for athletes looking for a quick stretch or the elderly who can now keep up their routines all on their own.

Many people learn better with video instruction. Get your video eCourse now and learn directly from a seasoned vet Yoga Teacher Mark Covello. As a bonus take home this cool eBook on Yoga for Beginners.

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Healthy Heart

Great for all ages. Chair Yoga is a great way to help loosen joints and get blood flowing throughout the entire body even while at work.

Time Sensitive Workouts

You might not have time to go to the gym today, but you can still get in a nice cardiovascular jump start to your body with chair yoga!

Stress Reducer for the Midday

Overcome a sedentary lifestyle by using Chair Yoga throughout your week before, during or after work!


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mark Covello, embodies an exemplary and genuine teacher. He seeks what is best for his students, creates a warm, friendly and comfortable environment to practice in, and always encourages his students to grow, find joy and be their best. Those of us that practice with him are very grateful for his encouragement, accessibility, and accommodation to work with us. Practicing yoga with Mark is always something to look forward! It is a great pleasure to be his student. Thank you for reminding me again."

Lorena Martinez
Longtime Student

"Thank you so much for your giving and love! You truly embrace the concepts of yoga. I can see the changes in those who participate in your class."

Marianne Ragland
Programs Director, The Laura Raymond Senior Home

"Marks' teachings have helped my chronic back pain. He gave me one simple pose yet told me that I must do it everyday. I took this to heart and it worked! The key is to do it everyday. I have hopes that my back pain will disappear one day."

Evan M.
Co-worker turned Student


Chair Yoga is a combination of your standard and some rel other POWERFUL practice combined. This video ecourse class is designed to get your inner energies flowing and reverse sedentary lifestyles that many busy professionals find themselves in! Come join a heartfelt journey you will never forget and start practicing Chair Yoga today!

I Can't Afford It :(

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